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DSA Construction Management IncorporatedDSA, Inc. is a full-service construction management firm based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that specializes in educational and public facilities. Since 1965, DSA, Inc. has experienced continuous growth and has been responsible for the management of construction on more than 1,500 projects throughout the United States, including 500 Public School buildings. The growth of DSA, Inc. is marked by the insistent desire to provide owners with the highest standards of service and attention to their building programs, which has resulted in significant cost savings and the ultimate in construction quality.

We have managed the construction of Public Schools, Banks and Medical facilities, as well as City, County and other Institutional projects. This high volume of work gives us additional leverage when bidding, negotiating, and managing the project, but we also we mitigate risk, control costs, manage permitting and documentation, and maintain efficient schedules to achieve the best success for your construction project.

Benefits of Our Construction Management Services

Construction Management contracting by its very nature results in more informed decision-making and more collaborative problem-solving. We focus on providing our clients with the best value for their investment through Construction Management services. 

Our Construction Managers will help the owner determine the size and shape of the finished building, as well as what systems are needed (HVAC, conveyors, etc.) to achieve the desired results. Owners and Construction Managers will collaborate to determine a feasible timetable and milestones before construction begins.

Joe George Joe George Chairman of the Board & Director

Joe has been with DSA Construction Management  since 1965 has over 48 years experience in the construction industry.

Kent Williams Kent Williams President & Director

Kent has been with DSA Construction Management  since 1965 has over 48 years experience in the construction industry.

Kery Williams Kery Williams Vice President & Secretary / Treasurer

Kery has been with DSA Construction Management  since 1986 has over 27 years experience in the construction industry. Kery has a Bachelor of Science-Architecture

Joe Carlock Joe Carlock Sales & Marketing Director

Joe has been with DSA Construction Management  since 1995 has over 18 years experience in Construction Management. Joe has a Bachelor of Science- Architecture.

John  Wilbanks John Wilbanks Consultant

John is a retired Superintendent of schools with over 35 years experience.

Don Gibson Don Gibson Consultant

Don is a retired Superintendent of Schools with 35 years of experience.

Chuck Needham Chuck Needham Church Consultant

Chuck is a Church Consultant with over 30 years of experience.

Project & Construction Management

Innovative Solutions To Meet And Exceed Our Clients' Expectations

Construction Management handles the planning, coordination, and execution of a construction project and the Construction Managers (CM) at DSA Construction Management are there to help ensure your construction project is completed on-time and on-budget. DSA Construction Management provides the full spectrum of program and project development services across the State of Texas in a wide range of market sectors including K-12 Education, Justice Facilities, Public Buildings, Healthcare, Higher Education, and more.

At DSA Construction Management, we exceed our client’s needs by managing projects from an owner's perspective and by applying new technologies designed to reduce risk and improve outcomes and successes. Our Construction management solutions ensure that we cover every aspect of your project, from start to finish while advocating for your best interest and the success of your project. 

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Construction Management Responsibilities

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Bidding Procedures

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