What about Public-Funded projects?

DSA's Construction Management approach is the most transparent method of construction, and therefore ideal for high-visibility, Publicly-Funded projects. Unlike General Contracting, Design/Build, or Construction Management At-Risk, Construction Management-Owner's Agent allows full disclosure on all aspects of bidding and construction. All bids are reviewed by the owner, and contracts are prepared and negotiated by DSA Construction Management, but signed by owner. As a Fiduciary, the Construction Manager-Owner's Agent, is legally required to act in the Owner's best interest. 

All payments to trades contractors, approved by the architect, owner and site-supervisors, are paid directly from the owner's account. This allows the owner control and knowledge of when and to whom monies go. DSA Construction Management staff has the ability to provide all aspects of Construction Management services including project documentation that meets the requirements for local, state and federally funded projects.

Do you need help with your Construction Project?

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