Post Closeout

Construction Closeout Services

Construction Closeout Services and Post CloseoutDSA Construction Management will secure all final inspection reports, affidavits from each trade contractor prior to final payments, as well as secure warranties from each trade contractor. Upon completion of each of the trade contractor’s contract, DSA Construction Management, in coordination with the Architect, will secure all final inspection reports and affidavits and release-of-liens for each discipline of work prior to the final payments. All warranties furnished by each trade contractor will be secured and cataloged for owner’s possession.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Provides clean competition for all identifiable and contractible work scope.
  • No collusion (All disciplines of work will be open for competitive bidding).
  • No pedaling of bid prices (All bids are received simultaneously).
  • Permits flexibility (Contractors can combine bids in more than one division).
  • Identifies all costs to Owner (Each bid division has a market value).
  • Permits selectivity (Owner can trade low bidder for higher performance bidder).
  • Owner receives advantage of every low bid available (No intermediary involved).
  • Provides a direct relationship with the trade contractors who are doing the work on the project.
  • Direct contract (No pass-through problems and more access in contract performance provisions).
  • Direct payment (Each trade contractor knows the exact status of his payment dollar at all times).
  • Flexible incentives available (Adjust retainer for individual contractors).

Project & Construction Management

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Construction Management handles the planning, coordination, and execution of a construction project and the Construction Managers (CM) at DSA Construction Management are there to help ensure your construction project is completed on-time and on-budget. DSA Construction Management provides the full spectrum of program and project development services across the State of Texas in a wide range of market sectors including K-12 Education, Justice Facilities, Public Buildings, Healthcare, Higher Education, and more.

At DSA Construction Management, we exceed our client’s needs by managing projects from an owner's perspective and by applying new technologies designed to reduce risk and improve outcomes and successes. Our Construction management solutions ensure that we cover every aspect of your project, from start to finish while advocating for your best interest and the success of your project. 

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