A Full Team Concept
Construction Management is a professional service that provides a construction project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. Construction Management is compatible with all project delivery methods. No matter the setting, a Construction Manager’s (CMs) responsibility is to the owner and to a successful project. At its core, a capital construction project is made up of three parties (excluding the Construction Manager): The Owner, who commissions the project and either funds the project directly or finances it through a variety of methods. The Architect/Engineer, who designs the construction project. The Construction Manager, who oversees day-to-day operations and... Read The Rest
Managing Projects From The Owner's Perspective
At DSA Construction Management, we provide the full spectrum of construction management services in a wide range of market sectors including K-12 Education, Justice Facilities, Public Buildings, Healthcare, Higher Education, and more. We exceed our client’s needs by managing projects from an owner's perspective and by applying new technologies designed to reduce risk and improve outcomes and successes. Commitment To Quality DSA Construction Management's commitment to quality ensures that we will: Assist owner in selecting the design team, which includes the architect and engineers (if requested) Establish format of project to be constructed Evaluate with architect and engineers factual data, which includes the construction techniques and... Read The Rest
Construction Bid Management
DSA Construction Management will procure complete comprehensive bidding in all disciplines of work including labor, materials and trade-contractors as required by the law. Upon receipt of the bids, DSA Construction Management will evaluate the bids, including alternate prices and unit prices, and make a recommendation to the owner in regard to the award of each construction contract. The staff at DSA Construction Management will prepare all contacts and purchase orders for the owner’s signature. Contract DocumentsWhen the contract documents are in the final stages of development, DSA Construction Management will: Determine, with Architect's input, the optimal bid division list to suit the conditions and... Read The Rest
Construction Management (CM)
The Construction Management (CM) process begins with early stage planning. At the onset, DSA Construction Management can assist the owner in selecting the design team, which includes the Architect and Engineers. DSA Construction Management will also help establish (with the architect and engineers) a format of the project to be constructed, and evaluate factual data, which includes the construction techniques and material knowledge as to the economic relation with the project time and cost. DSA Construction Management will then provide project cost estimate of all disciplines of the work.The importance of decisions made in the beginning of a project and their... Read The Rest
Contract Development and Administration
After an in-depth estimated cost projection has been completed and approved, and agreement will be signed by and between DSA Construction Management and the owner. This agreement should involve a fixed fee and will cover all services rendered by DSA Construction Management. In a true Construction Management contract, there should be no reimbursable cost.... Read The Rest
Construction Administration
DSA Construction Management will, upon completion and receipt of the contract documents from the architect, procure bids from the trade contractors and material suppliers. From the bids and prices obtained, we will prepare a detailed documented projection of final cost. This cost and pertinent documents will be presented to the owner for approval. Work will not commence until the owner has given instructions to do so. Necessary changes, additions or deletions can be made at the discretion of the owner at this time. This projected cost will also include the fee for services provided by DSA Construction Management. Every effort is... Read The Rest
Construction Site Supervision
A qualified and experienced Job Superintendent from DSA Construction Management will be assigned for the on-site full-time coordination and monitoring of the work. He will make daily reports to the DSA’s office. DSA Construction Management will check and approve all invoices, payrolls, and contract payments. A construction cost statement will be prepared and furnished to the owner monthly.Upon approval by owner for the start of construction, an onsite full-time Job Superintendent will be assigned (with the Owner’s approval) to the project for the day-to-day coordination of construction operations. Efficient Line of Authority The Job Superintendent and the DSA’s Project Manager work hand... Read The Rest
Construction Closeout Services
DSA Construction Management will secure all final inspection reports, affidavits from each trade contractor prior to final payments, as well as secure warranties from each trade contractor. Upon completion of each of the trade contractor’s contract, DSA Construction Management, in coordination with the Architect, will secure all final inspection reports and affidavits and release-of-liens for each discipline of work prior to the final payments. All warranties furnished by each trade contractor will be secured and cataloged for owner’s possession. What Are The Benefits? Provides clean competition for all identifiable and contractible work scope. No collusion (All disciplines of work will be open for competitive bidding). No... Read The Rest

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