Onsite Monitoring

Construction Site Supervision

Construction Site Supervision and Onsite MonitoringA qualified and experienced Job Superintendent from DSA Construction Management will be assigned for the on-site full-time coordination and monitoring of the work. He will make daily reports to the DSA’s office. DSA Construction Management will check and approve all invoices, payrolls, and contract payments. A construction cost statement will be prepared and furnished to the owner monthly.

Upon approval by owner for the start of construction, an onsite full-time Job Superintendent will be assigned (with the Owner’s approval) to the project for the day-to-day coordination of construction operations.

Efficient Line of Authority

The Job Superintendent and the DSA’s Project Manager work hand and glove with material scheduling, trade contractors’ schedule time line, and process payments to trade contractors, change orders and shop drawing review for approval.

Working together, both establish the site organization and line of authority, the coordination procedures and schedules as well as hold frequent meetings where problems can be resolved.

Regular meetings with the owner’s representative will be held for any changes and/or updated information that is to be reviewed. Monthly progressive payments will be reviewed, approved and prepared for owner’s approval.

All payment vouchers will be prepared by DSA and made payable direct form the owner to the trade contractor and/or supplier. In most cases a negotiable voucher (check on owner’s account) is prepared by DSA Construction Management, ready for owner’s signature. This is assurance to the owner that all monies will be going direct to each trades contractor working on the project.

On a monthly basis DSA Construction Management will provide a documented cost progressive payment print-out showing all monies paid for that thirty (30) day interval which will also indicate the monies and balances to pay to each respective discipline of contracted work.

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